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Overcome global recession

Overcome global recession:

  • This is the time opportunity for to buy cheap goods, especially houses sell off. Afterwards  economic recovery, real estate prices  increase .
  • Do well the moment job, more creative to get best results.
  • Mutual help by to exchange: experience, work, the products, the goods. We must all help each other. " A  piece when hungry = a package when full ".
  • Always use every good opportunity anytime, anywhere.
  • Increased spending need in the ability to stimulate production.
  • To think carefully how legitimate making money anywhere, anytime.
  • To learn from experience: should not to exceed your financial resources or to sign contracts can be change in the direction of      disadvantage.
  • To try one's best in this difficult time.
  • To teach children to try study well and know saving money.
  • Career orientation sensibly for students to prepare exam university, college, vocational school.
  • Maintain the good things, reduce and remove the bad things .
  • Increased production cheap.
  • Every company, business must be self-support  any way to maintain the production and trade.
  • Help each other by using each other's goods.
  • Research focus on developing clean energy sources.
  • Strengthening to research applications of  vaccine, drugs for prevention and treatment.
  • Implement policies for social security.
  • Attention and support those who have problems.
  • Use aid money of Government to a reasonable size, not waste.
  • Demand stimulating activities shall  have a positive effect on enterprises and people who are in trouble .
  • Visit customers; regularly send new products, send gifts to stimulate customers back. Top management of company shall ensure that customer requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Crisis is time to recognize opportunities is where, still customers to need shopping and who have money but do not dare to      buy ... And, this is the time we invest in strong ad for "to crop" this object.
  • Using gratitude to retain staff.
  • The goods will be sold with  lower cost than the same period last year. Discount applied from the 2nd purchasing time. Providing / applying better policies for potential customers .
  • To form a  thoroughly operated economic system from A to Z  to foster the sustainable development after the crisis.
  • Do not fear failure. Failure often show you the right way. Mistake is invaluable, please study them, learn and utilize them.Maximum saving of energy such as electricity, water, gas ...
  • Maintaining production, sales and service of essential goods.
  • Maintaining stable agricultural production (breeding, cultivation, aquatic product, seafood ....).
  • Creat (good) conditions for development investment.
  • Upgrading, repair and develop infrastructure.
  • Calculating economic - production - business - transportation - marketing - consumption to get best efficiency.
  • Strengthening emulation movements creativity and innovative technology to serve social benefits.
  • Investment, construction public works to prevent disaster, flood, drought ....
  • Create especial policies to encourage investment and support  investment  in the degradation.
  • The establishment of economic policy should be based on proposals and recommendations from subordinate. 
  • Financial management closely but flexible.
  • If you can not afford the payment then use the goods or work for trade-off.
  • Investors should fully understand the risks before buying  complex financial products  to avoid heavy losses.
  • There are jobs those you may not know because to lack of such information, so need to updated recruitment information on the internet, newspapers, radio broadcasting, television, recruitment company, job fairs, companies are operating or preparing to operate, the Careers pasted in public places, through friends, through relatives ....
  • Don't doubt difficult, hard, remote or different scope of job. We need to confidently determine: all ( legal ) we can do good !
  • This is the time that the rich  wide open heart to help the poor (by as consumption goods and services; to set up company ...) and of course the both sides together benefits !
  • During degradation, the solutions for maintaining  and  developing  economy must be executed timely, appropriately and flexible.
  • “I’m enjoying this,” said Becky Martin, a The USA woman, 52, who has cut up her 10 credit cards, borrows movies from the library instead of renting them, and grows her own fruits and vegetables — even though her family is comfortable.
  •         “It’s a chance to pass along the frugal lifestyle that my              mother gave to me,” she says. ( The New York Times )
  • Even a depression is a place for opportunity if you have cash, scale and ambition. Many of the names on this year's Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's biggest companies will emerge on the other side of the trough far stronger when world economies snap back next year. For the strong corporations, there are rivals to buy, technologies to fund and new markets to enter--all at lower prices than we've seen in years. ''Despite the economy, it's important to think about what is possible,'' says Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. ( )
  • Believe in tomorrow bright .





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